How to promote diversity and inclusivity in your organisation: PUMA’s story


Who is PUMA?

PUMA is an international, multicultural company and one of the world's leading sport brands, that designs and manufactures a large range of athletic and casual footwear, clothes and accessories. The brand draws from its unique heritage to strengthen its position within the industry, connecting with ambassadors and athletes to help share its message and represent the brand.

The challenges PUMA was facing

PUMA is a multicultural business, with employees from 70 different nationalities in the headquarters alone. Because of this incredible diversity, one of the main issues they were facing was a communication barrier. Despite the differences, one thing all employees had in common was that they work for and are passionate about the same company. Especially within the office working environment, communication was a challenge; with understanding and additional clarity needed being a common struggle. Therefore, it was clear that all employees needed language training to improve and enhance communication internally.

Previously, PUMA had tried to implement in-person language lessons for all employees. However, it soon became clear that this in-person approach was not suitable in such a large business where people are on different schedules and learn at different paces. This was particularly evident in the retail sections, whereby staff would work on rotas and therefore could not commit to language learning lessons on set days or times. This meant many people would not turn up to scheduled classes and employees did not progress at a rate they would have liked.

The solution? Busuu!

PUMA needed a solution to help break communication barriers and boost diversity and inclusion within its business. The solution? Busuu! As employees could not commit to in-person lessons with a teacher, it was clear that a more flexible and approachable solution was needed, and Busuu was able to offer just that. 

Being an international company, having a language that was common among all staff members offers an abundance of benefits, PUMA chose to use the English language due to its presence within the business industry. In the modern world, it isn't possible to slow down, whether it be work or home life, there is always something that has to be done and Busuu helps businesses and employees keep up with the race. The award-winning language course provider is fast and effective, with short and informative lessons that can be listened to during employees' everyday lives or at work through the online platform. There are so many benefits to implementing a language learning solution that is flexible and approachable, such as:

  • -  Boosts communication within a business
  • - Solves problems quicker
  • - Helps to manage business opportunities in many regions
  • - Helps with onboarding people all across the world 
  • - Increases opportunities 
  • - Opens doors for employees
  • - Makes people feel comfortable
  • - Empowers employees
  • - Helps with relocation 
  • - Boosts employees’ careers 


Do you want to find out more about how PUMA has promoted diversity and inclusion with Busuu? Access our webinar recording here. 

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