Busuu for Industries

Busuu for Business delivers online language training to diverse industries across the world. We have a growing portfolio of industry-specific language courses that will teach your international teams the exact vocabulary they need to thrive in their roles.

No two sectors are the same, so our expert linguists work closely with industry leaders, who endorse our content, making sure that each course contains the most useful language skills for your industry. Busuu for Business teaches the terminology, business processes, industry background, trends and new technologies your teams need to communicate confidently at work, no matter what their job.

Busuu for retail


Busuu for Business understands the retail sector. We are the chosen language provider for some of the world’s biggest retail brands, including PUMA, Inditex, Hugo Boss and Lacoste.

We focus on the business language skills learners can really use, and cover all modes of communication, from presentations to meetings, negotiations, and more.

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Flexible learning
We know that retail is not 9 to 5. Our flexible app-based learning fits around busy shift patterns to suit in-store personnel, helping your teams learn new skills and improving employee retention.
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Local strategy, global goals
Our teams work closely with both central decision-makers and local managers when implementing a language learning programme to create a regional strategy that’s aligned with your global goals.
Busuu for Education


We work with business schools, universities and secondary education providers who integrate our services as part of a blended learning solution for students looking to develop the language skills needed for their studies or to find the best jobs. Students can access our full online learning offer or complete specific self-paced lessons on key syllabus topics to align with their coursework.

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Speaking practise
With Busuu for Business, students can practise speaking their new language in Live Lessons, improving their spoken confidence outside the classroom.
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Smart learning
Educators assign homework or self-study on our platform. Students get to grips with the vocab and grammar they’re learning in school in their own time to augment classroom lessons.
Busuu for the Tech sector


Busuu online language learning offers tech businesses a scalable route to upskilling teams with languages that improve workplace efficiency and technical knowledge sharing. Our courses help the fast-paced tech industry build better communication that enables close collaboration in agile working environments across high-skilled multinational workforces. Our technology clients include Back Market, Glovo, Kaspersky and Delivery Hero.

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Technical language
We focus on improving spoken and written fluency with content that reflects real-life scenarios. Learners master technical language skills that strengthen collaboration, for inclusive, efficient teams.
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Customised content
We offer scalable learning as 14 complete language courses and work closely with tech clients to provide additional customised lessons, specific to both the tech industry and individual businesses.
Busuu for Automotive


Busuu for Business provides scalable language learning to major automotive brands including Tesla, SEAT and Audi Planung.

Our English for Automotive course teaches technical English language skills to automotive professionals across this global industry.

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Situational English
Your teams can learn the right English vocabulary to improve daily team communication. Our course helps develop situational language knowledge and fluency for all, from design engineers to production line operatives.
Future technologies
Busuu for Business understands how this tech-first automotive industry works. We teach existing and future automotive innovation and electrical powertrain vocabulary, with relevant custom-built topics available to suit your organisation.
Busuu for Logistics


The logistics sector relies on effective communication. Busuu for Business’ English for Logistics course gets logistics professionals confidently speaking, listening and writing English.

Our logistics clients include DHL, Fernando Flores, GKN SINTER metals and
Gebrüder Weiss Gesellschaft.

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Improve customer interactions
In this detail-driven sector, good customer experience is a must. With Busuu for Business, your workforce will learn the right vocabulary to improve verbal and written interactions with customers and internal teams, helping improve the customer experience of your brand.
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Employee retention
Offering teams skills to build their industry knowledge helps improve staff engagement and retention. Our logistics curriculum is endorsed by industry leaders to make sure it covers the most relevant topics, from inventory management vocabulary to customs documentation and green technologies.
Busuu for Pharma


Our pharmaceutical English language course gives pharma professionals the technical written and spoken language skills they need to communicate complex information to diverse stakeholders, with accuracy and sensitivity. We provide language training to some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical brands, including Worldwide Clinics, CSL Behring, SHL Medial and Richmond Pharmacology.

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Accuracy first
Sensitive and accurate communications are essential in the pharmaceutical industry. Our English for Pharma course empowers teams to confidently use complex terminology with diverse stakeholders.
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Industry detail
Busuu for Business’ content is endorsed by pharmaceutical industry leaders to ensure accuracy and relevance, with English vocabulary including naming conventions, product terminology, R&D, quality control and lab and drug safety.

Enterprise Businesses

Busuu for Business is the chosen education partner for some of the world’s largest multinational enterprises including L’Oréal Group and Unilever. We’re experienced in implementing regionalised language learning programmes that align with central business needs.

Investment in global teams
We work with global and regional L&D teams to create packages that democratise learning for huge international teams. We work closely with business regions to create bespoke programmes that upskill staff to futureproof businesses and answer specific business needs.
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Diversity and Inclusion
Busuu offers language skills that help make welcoming workspaces, easing communication amongst international teams. Our language courses support diversity and inclusion goals, helping colleagues of different nationalities feel included and supported in their roles.
Busuu for FINANCE

Banking and Finance

The global finance and banking sector has very specific communication requirements, demanding high standards of English proficiency for stakeholder communications and customer service. Busuu for Business is well-versed in answering these needs, giving both traditional financial institutions, digital banks and FinTech companies the business language skills they need.

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Attract the best talent
We offer internationally recognised training as an employee benefit that helps attract and retain the very best talent. Busuu’s intuitive digital offer appeals to multi-generational workforces and makes training accessible to large multinational teams.
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Relevant content
Our English for Retail Banking and English for Business courses are designed by industry experts. Each course offers relevant and relatable content that helps banking and finance employees grow in confidence when communicating with stakeholders and customers alike.

Consumer goods

Busuu for Business works with some of the world's largest consumer goods brands including PUMA and Inditex. Our content provides effective communication training at scale, that supports both head-office and supply chain efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Support career development
Busuu’s consumer goods content gives workforces new language skills that help them develop their careers. Our English for Multicultural Communication course supports international relocation.
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Confident communicators
Creating smooth customer journeys is critical for consumer goods brands. Busuu’s English for Retail course does just that, allowing multicultural and retail teams to speak to customers with confidence.
Busuu for manufacturing


Busuu works with clients across the manufacturing industry, offering digital language skills to diverse learners, that create confident communicators from the factory to the shop floor. We work with transport and logistics, FMCG, automotive and food processing businesses worldwide, with a flexible learning solution that helps optimise operations.

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Skills for all learners
Busuu’s scalable language learning offer means teams across complex multi-regional structures and supply chains can all learn the language skills they need for the workplace, no matter what their previous learning experience.
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Our flexible platform means centralised learning can be managed at a regional level and with our bespoke Management Platform, learner progress can be fully tracked for an accurate understanding of individual progress.
Custom content

Bespoke courses

No course for your sector? No problem.

We design unique language courses that improve professional communication and drive efficiency for diverse business operations.  Our tried and tested framework means we can create a bespoke course to suit your needs in as little as 5 weeks. Busuu’s custom language courses help to build stronger, happier workforces, no matter which languages your teams speak.