Our unique learning model

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Self-paced study
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Live Lessons
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The Busuu Community
Learn online

Self-paced study

A pocket classroom. Students use our app to learn languages on-the-go, so learning fits around busy lives.
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Engaging content
Short engaging lessons designed to encourage retention and long-term success. All content is aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
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Flexible learning
Bite-sized lessons that fit around work schedules on our award-winning platform. Learners make good progress in as little as 10 minutes per day, with interactive audio-visual content.
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Stay on track
Learners can set weekly study goals with a personalised Study Plan that tracks progress and aids long-term engagement, making measurement easy.
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 Progress quickly
 AI-enabled revision tools focus learning, targeting the grammar and vocabulary that needs the most attention building fluency, faster.
Learn with teachers

 Live Lessons

Busuu’s Live Lessons are the key to improved oral communication and increased speaking confidence.
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Private Lessons
45-minute 1:1 sessions with a teacher that give learners the space to build language-speaking confidence and conversational fluency.
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Live Group Lessons
45-minute teacher-led lessons of up to 5 people with matching fluency levels. Each learner receives equal time to practise spoken skills in a supportive group
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High-quality teachers
Draw on the experience of our language teachers, who bring a deeper cultural understanding of 
their home country and can share tips on how to 
adapt to life there.
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Reinforce self-paced study
Live Lessons have an emphasis on spoken skills and conversations, but are designed to work in tandem with our self-paced learning curriculum.

 Why choose Busuu Live Lessons

Learn with others

The Busuu Community

120 million registered users

Busuu learners are guided by our global community offering unique knowledge and support. Learners also share their own native language tips to help others.

Pronunciation practise

Community interactions and audio exercises feature across our self-paced lessons to develop written and spoken fluency in a low-stress environment

Authentic language knowledge

Contextualised cultural tips from fellow learners in our community give skills for easy application in real-life scenarios

Our vibrant online
community of learners

2 million conversations sent per month
5 million Community interactions per month
76 million Community interactions in 2022

What learners say about Busuu