How live language learning can boost your company’s culture

Company culture is so important within any organisation and this can be boosted through language learning. Live language learning is a fantastic way to get your employees involved in learning a new skill that will improve their professional and personal lives whilst also boosting company culture through improved cultural diversity, increased team spirit, communication and collaboration.

What is live language learning?

Live learning lessons can be completed in either small groups or 1 to 1, lessons are taught by professional tutors online and often last around 45 minutes. Lessons have specific goals that can help employees reach a particular level of fluency.

Companies such as Busuu, provide unique content that is written by their language experts, maximising the amount of interaction between teachers and other learners. Interactive exercises are often completed throughout to help to boost confidence and communication skills.

How does live learning boost company culture?

Adopting a positive working culture is so important in a workplace. Working with positive values and behaviours will shape an overall successful business. Culture varies from business to business however, one that empowers employees through learning and development is destined to thrive.

Improves cultural diversity

Especially within a global business environment, the more employees are able to speak another language fluently, the more connected they will become. Nowadays, companies can recruit from further afield, meaning they can hire talent from around the globe. Having employees that are fluent in more than one language can help to align company culture no matter where employees are based.

When hiring someone from another country, keep in mind how daunting it could be to start a new role where not many of your colleagues speak your native language. However, if the company worked hard to ensure more people had the opportunity to learn, they would instantly feel at ease, and appreciated and will likely settle into their role much more comfortably.

Communication and collaboration

Communication is crucial for the success of any business and the culture plays a huge part in this. When there is a language barrier, there is often miscommunication among colleagues, managers, customers or stakeholders, in particular, if they live overseas. However, live language learning lessons can equip staff with the skills needed to communicate effectively. Businesses can tailor the lessons to company needs and requirements such as specific jargon, target audience and sales targets.

Not only will it improve communication, but in turn, live learning will also boost collaboration. As workers will be able to communicate more effectively, relationships will be formed and professional bonds will be stronger than ever. This will help to place employees in a happier and more productive working environment.

Boost team spirit

A positive team spirit comes from successful company culture. This can only be achieved through a strategy with employees at the heart, whether that be staff benefits, wellness programmes or training opportunities. Employees will recognise any extra value that can be offered to them and will feel respected and appreciated within their role. Live language learning will definitely boost team spirit, reflecting nicely on the company culture.

This training opportunity highlights that employees' success is being invested in and will also appeal to future recruits looking into your company. Businesses can be grown through languages, helping employees speak with confidence and creating a globally connected team. Through live learning, students can ask questions as they go along and be supported by the tutor. It's a great way of learning that will result in great achievements.

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All you need to know about Live Language Learning with Busuu

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