How to improve ROI with corporate language training

There was a time when language learning was once thought of as just a hobby, something people did in their spare time. However, today, it is essential that businesses looking to expand internationally, pay close attention to corporate language learning.

The first step to enhancing your business’ ROI through language learning is explaining and convincing key stakeholders that they could be missing out on their company’s chances to break into the global markets, resulting in them losing out to competitors.

Doing well globally means having knowledge of foreign markets and having the ability to communicate clearly with international teams and prospects. On top of this, language learning will not only help to increase the perception of your employees, it will also improve their decision making and memory skills as well, with both of these being common benefits of learning a new language.

Measuring the ROI of language training can be looked at in terms of how efficiently you can complete tasks as well as how relationships can be improved with clients, as well as with international colleagues.

When looking at how to improve ROI with corporate language learning, there are a few key points to consider:

Enhancing job performance

It has never been so important for your employees to develop language skills than in today’s globalised world.

Developing business English as well as specialised language and vocabulary that is relevant to your industry will mean that employees can interpret any questions they get asked and can always select the appropriate source material for any query.

Corporate language training is a fantastic way for businesses to develop their pool of in-house talent and to grow the passion employees have for on-the-job language training.

Improved communication

Building trust when working internationally is key to ensuring effective communication and preventing any linguistic challenges that may lead to miscommunication within teams.

Colleagues who showcase effective language skills are always very valuable members of global teams, with communication becoming quicker and smoother as a result of fewer misunderstandings.

Your employees will also be more accurate in work due to language development as well and more likely to understand instructions given to them. Language development within a team makes employees more likely to build efficient and productive relationships with clients, as well as their colleagues.

Developing a global mindset

For employees to enhance their global mindset, it is essential that they have a willingness to learn a new language. Learning a second language isn’t simply about learning vocabulary, it involves developing an understanding of how others think and behave culturally.

As a result, your employees become well-prepared, global citizens in an increasingly multicultural workplace. English speakers will also learn how to express themselves more clearly from learning a foreign language. They will develop the skills to simplify their language and to slow down when working internationally.

Becoming more aware and developing improved decision-making skills

It is fascinating to think that when people are making decisions in a second language, they will usually think more logically and slowly before they start to express their opinions.

This skill will mean that workers can provide more carefully-considered opinions as this removes any heightened emotion and bias prior to speaking, thereby providing more useful feedback or information.

Another language will mean your employees can actively consider how they are coming across, rather than acting on impulse. This will help to prevent any professional repercussions in the workplace.

Global market success

Finally, when considering how you can improve ROI with corporate language training, it’s important to remember that language skills are instrumental in building stronger relationships with international clients and to become an integral part of a globalised marketing strategy.

When constructing a strategic marketing plan, it’s a good idea to have a confident team in place who are competent speakers of the local language when implementing it.

To have a team that recognises the value of language learning within a global workforce, and employees who see and think in the country’s culture you are working in will give your business a huge impact within the global markets.

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