3 ways language learning can grow your business

Looking for ways to grow your business?

Well, it’s no secret that technology these days has enabled all sorts of businesses to start expanding across the globe. As an employer, it can significantly benefit your company by improving the culture, your employees’ skillset and confidence… and as a result, improve your staff’s wellbeing.

Read on to find out how adding another language to your company’s repertoire can transform your business…

New and improved skills for your employees

Offering the opportunity to learn a new skill is a great way to empower your employees. So what better skill than language learning? Giving your employees something to add to their list of achievements and your business a whole host of growth opportunities.

For example, did you know that bilinguals have been found to handle multitasking much better than monolinguals? This is because a person becomes used to switching between not just a second system of speech, but the language structure, grammar and vocabulary. And that allows your team to become better at switching between multiple tasks a lot quicker.

Studying a new language can also boost your employees’ creativity and recall whilst experimenting with new phrases and words. This increase in creativity can have a huge impact on your organisation by having a team that is more capable of figuring out tough solutions or coming up with new business ideas.

Lastly, multilinguals have been found to think more logically than monolinguals, offering several advantages such as improved decision-making skills that can speed up the rate at which your employees reach a meaningful conclusion. Giving your employees the tools to learn other languages will improve their skills, broaden their horizons and expose them to different cultures.

Moral of the story? Boost your business by boosting your staff.

Improve the culture at your business

As both new tech arises and more of us continue to work from home, recruiters are now able to hire the best talent from anywhere in the world.

Employees that relocate to work for you will usually put in high levels of effort to learn the company’s language, but how often does the company learn theirs? Well, if they did, that staff member would feel both appreciated and valued and settle into their role quickly and comfortably.

Learning a language can be a very effective and valuable way to develop a team. This allows your staff to rediscover the value of teamwork by banding together and assisting one another in learning the new language. This creates a greater bond within the team, producing better outcomes for the business as a whole.

When learning a language, employees are compelled to pay more attention during a discussion than if they were speaking their native tongue, leading to more engaged employees that want to listen and communicate with each other.

By offering language learning to your employees you offer them the chance to discover new cultures, and listen and learn about diversity.

Grow your client base

Learning a new language also means learning about the culture behind it. Your staff will not only now be multilingual, but they will also better understand and be able to connect with the people of that language. For example, it may be crucial for your business to know about certain traditions, or what is or isn't popular in a specific culture.

Finding a way to engage with other audiences in their own language brings up a plethora of possibilities for further outreach and worldwide expansion. Even if you expand but don't have a physical presence at your new branch, you'll almost certainly hire native speakers, and you may find it a tad difficult to interact with them and distribute responsibilities if you don't understand their language.

It seems pretty obvious but increasing your knowledge of not just another language but of a culture will both improve your communication skills and help expand your client base. Conversing with clients in their native tongue will make them more comfortable and relaxed, whilst also demonstrating a level of respect, further nuturing client relationships and even retention.

Going this extra mile for your clients or customers could just be what sets you apart from the competition.


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