Creating an inclusive culture with Busuu

The business world is realising that ensuring an inclusive company culture with shared values, goals, and attitudes is more important now than ever. Your employees are one of the biggest selling points of your company, and if they're happy and confident in you, your consumers will be too. To really establish an inclusive culture, you must provide employees the tools they need to make changes and form positive habits inside their teams.

Busuu understands that any business approach must start with clear communication which is why we deliver high-quality online language learning solutions for businesses all around the world. Allowing your organisation to create successful connections backed by a well-established company culture.

Why Busuu?

With 13 languages, 90 million global users, 3,000 courses and easy to handle bite-sized study plans, Busuu offers both maximum convenience and flexibility for your business. Our award-winning online language training app also brings together culturally diverse teams, whilst boosting productivity and efficiency at the same time.

Busuu is more effective than traditional language learning methods as our platform can be accessed from anywhere in the world, at any time, and on any suitable device. We also offer customisable scheduling, analytics, and insights, allowing you to track the development of each module and ensure a positive ROI.

In addition to studying vocab and grammar, Busuu's language learning course may be customised to emphasise cultural themes and customs. In addition to spelling and pronunciation, you may use the roleplaying component of your language training to improve your team's cultural understanding.

With a little help from us, Ornikar, a scale-up online driving school and insurance provider, implemented a strong learning culture that engaged their employees exponentially. We delivered an international language learning solution that supported staff on their journey to becoming multilingual. They found that over 50% of learners were using Busuu’s platform to enhance their speaking skills on a daily basis, with an average session length of a fantastic 52 minutes.

Using Busuu, Ornikar was able to engage with its staff more effectively. Employees in France and Spain were given an easy-to-use solution that allowed them to successfully learn multiple languages at their own pace resulting in higher levels of communication and reinforced workplace relationships. Learners at Ornikar gave a glowing rating of 8 out of 10 for their experience with Busuu.

Why an inclusive culture is so important for your business

Having personnel that are culturally aware will help you grow your company and cultivate important relationships, but this starts with you. Ensuring first that your employees enjoy a diverse and inclusive culture at work will allow them to be more understanding of the different cultures your organisation will interact with.

Even if multiple countries share the same language, this doesn’t mean they will also share the same cultures. As your company grows and extends into new markets throughout the world, it's important to prioritise cultural training so that your staff are aware of how different cultural approaches might affect your business.

A study performed by BCG suggests that “increasing the diversity of leadership teams leads to more and better innovation and improved financial performance. In both developing and developed economies, companies with above-average diversity on their leadership teams report a greater payoff from innovation and higher EBIT margins.”

If you can provide your staff a more inclusive and diverse place to work, it will create a shared sense of purpose and even improve their loyalty to the company. When team members' differences are acknowledged and their unique characteristics are appreciated, you’ll find their job satisfaction and performance will increase, and they’ll be more inclined to promote your firm.


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