The three Cs to improve business efficiencies via language learning

If you’re thinking, ‘how can learning another language possibly boost my business?’ Think again.

There are a wide range of advantages that come with learning a new language, and you’d be surprised at how these subtle changes could make a big impact on your company.

Take a look at how you could improve your business efficiencies and more by turning your business multilingual…


Having a solid working culture that helps your company run like a well-oiled machine will benefit everyone, whether you have a small or large company.

By joining together and aiding one another in learning a new language, your staff can lower their guards and rediscover the value of collaboration. Brainstorming, bonding and team building with other members will not only create a positive atmosphere and an enjoyable work environment, it will also strengthen the team's cohesiveness, resulting in better overall results for the company.

A happy, well bonded team that can communicate in multiple languages will only sprout good things for your business.


Did you know that when you learn a second language, you become better at communicating in your mother tongue as well?

You learn more than just vocab, you take in the grammar and syntax of that language, making you more aware of these elements in your own language too. This is because as you uncover contrasts and similarities within the new language, you learn to assess your first language from different perspectives as well. This helps you communicate more efficiently, not only in one language but multiple!

Knowing another language also means your staff can communicate easily with more of the people involved in a project, listening to what each member has to say, and understanding any concerns caused by different cultural backgrounds. A healthy, trusting work atmosphere thrives on open communication. A good dosage of understanding, together with clear expectations and guidelines, goes a long way.

Personnel that communicate well will always be a benefit for any business. Conflict will be down whilst conflict resolution will be up! And more communication between peers means more innovation and productivity in the long run for your company.


When someone masters a new talent, their confidence grows, and learning another language is definitely a talent!

Confidence can be linked to how well someone does their job, and also how well they get on with their colleagues. The more confident your team is, the better they’ll do for both themselves and for you. For example, workers who don’t tend to second guess themselves may achieve more than those who spend time doubting their abilities. In fact, they may feel more at ease working with others and applying their expertise to new initiatives and challenges. So, learning a new language could be a fun yet gentle way to push your staff and give them the confidence to be more successful.

Not to mention the additional benefits that come with anyone learning another language, such as enhanced problem solving, increased creativity, improved memory and multitasking skills. At the end of the day, confident and skilled staff are more capable of doing their jobs well, resulting in increased efficiencies across your organisation.

Looking to introduce language learning to your business? Download our ‘5 Strategies for Implementing an E-language learning’ ebook.

5 strategies for implementing an e-learning language programme