Why your team should join the Busuu language learning community

You will find there are numerous ways where employees can make use of a new language; on holiday, for meeting new people or in the office, where it can really benefit business development. Learning a language really is a skill that keeps on giving.

Creating a language learning community for your employees is not only a great way of improving the language skills of your workforce but also for building relationships with colleagues and improving communication between teams.

At Busuu, this is something we feel strongly about and our own language learning community is currently trusted by our global community of 120 million members who’ve all seen, first-hand, the benefits that our courses can have. These benefits include:

Expert-led courses

All of our courses are created by qualified experts who will encourage and enable your team members to learn at their own pace. This can be done by taking advantage of our bite-sized lessons, meaning that your employees can study at a time that’s convenient to them, so when they join back with the rest of the group, they’re prepared and ready to learn.

Live lessons

Learning with real people, who are native speakers of the language, will really speed up the learning process. Practising with friendly, helpful tutors in 1:1 lessons or in group sessions will have a huge positive impact on employees’ learning. By speaking in a group of colleagues, you’ll find that their confidence will increase and their communication skills will improve, having a positive effect on networking and negotiations with colleagues and business contacts. It’s essential not just to learn a language, but to speak it as well and with 95% of our learners saying that conversation practice helped them to achieve fluency, it’s an essential skill to master.

Learn together

An interactive community is an effective community so it’s essential that your employees are encouraged to share grammar and pronunciation tips, get feedback on their work and generally feel fully supported by native speakers of the language their learning community is working on.

Learn effectively

Learning challenging words and staying on track with a study plan is made all the more possible with Busuu’s smart technology. Our smart study tools mean that everyone has accountability for their own learning, which in turn, will ensure that group lessons can go ahead as planned, with everyone up to speed and ready for the next step in their learning journey. It’s even possible to practice on-the-go with the Busuu app.

Encourage employees to check their progress

When learning a new language, it’s important that employees regularly check progress so that they can see which areas they could do some more work on. They’ll also receive official certificates from us and, as one of the most respected education companies in the world, this will stand them in good stead for their language future. With our lessons being recognised internationally by the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), your employees can be proud to share their results, as part of our language learning community.


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