How Nebrija University boosted flexible learning for their students

With Busuu as a complementary offering to their programmes, Nebrija University increased the language learning experience for their students preparing for work around the globe.

At a glance

  • Industry: Higher education
  • Scale: 6100+ home & international students 
  • Objective: Remote delivery of award-winning multi-language courses

The challenge

High-ranking Spanish educational institution Nebrija University knows how important language skills are for their students’ careers. That’s why they’re dedicated to supporting their language-learning needs outside of their curriculum. 

With their two language institutions, the Modern Language Institute and the Center for Hispanic Studies, they work relentlessly to prepare their students for international, intercultural ways of working. 

Even before the pandemic hit, they realised that to truly thrive in the competitive and global world of work, their students and alumni would benefit from even more support. They turned to Busuu for a flexible solution that allowed students to further immerse themselves in the language, day and night.      


The solution

Nebrija University secured Busuu as a solution in 2017,  well before the pandemic. They engaged with us to support not only their students attending their two language institutions, but also their alumni, plus their administration and service staff.


The implementation

After a swift onboarding call, where our team worked with Nebrija University to identify the varying needs of their students and staff, we immediately enrolled all language learners – primarily as a complementary offering, regardless of the language they planned to study.

Then once the pandemic had hit – and the focus shifted to remote learning – Busuu’s award-winning online language content became more than a nice-to-have. It became an extremely convenient tool for their students – and engagement with Busuu skyrocketed. 


The results

"Busuu is really helping our students be motivated with their language learning. The support from the Busuu team is excellent." - Irene Flores Guerra, e-Learning Facilitator

Between the thousand students who enrolled, over 30,000 individual activities and over 40,000 lessons were completed, with 15% of their cohort studying more than one language

English is proving to be the most popular language to learn on Busuu. The next most studied languages by their students are French and German followed by Spanish and Italian.

And in terms of feedback from Nebrija University? Their students were delighted and highly motivated! Busuu helped them make the notoriously complex process of running a multi-language learning programme simple – all the while maintaining their high teaching standards and faculty control. 


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