How Alstom improved staff development and client satisfaction with languages

At a glance

  • Industry: Railway and transportation industry

  • Objective: Alstom had a mission to support their global team with development opportunities, positioning themselves as a leading employer whilst reinforcing their customer service offering.

  • Result: With Busuu, staff across all departments improved their professional development through language learning, and continue to regard Alstom as an employer that is dedicated to their success.

  • In numbers? Since 2020, Alstom’s staff have earned over 1700 certificates and completed 455,000 activities.


The challenge

As a world-class multinational dedicated to mobility, Alstom sought a way to better connect with their international customer base and offer personal development opportunities for all staff.  Additionally, they were keen to become a leading employer of choice through a commitment to staff satisfaction.


The solution

With corporate language training they saw an obvious solution to help improve the communication skills of their staff, and as such, help them better engage with not only their internal teams but customers too. 

Busuu was the right fit in terms of user experience and accessibility. We offered them effective language training that fit the varied schedules of their staff through personalised, bite-sized lessons and smart learning technology. Learners also had the option to access Live Lessons online with professional language tutors. The support from Busuu’s dedicated customer success team, and the management platform we provided, also meant that they had visibility of usage to guide strategies on boosting employee adoption and ROI.

By using Busuu, Alstom was able to deliver on its objective to stay ahead of L&D best practices. Our partnership supported the development of their teams with current and cutting-edge technology, making learning another language fast and effective.





Busuu's interface is user-friendly and makes it easy to learn languages fast. The mobile version of Busuu is a key feature in the learning experience making it available anytime and anywhere. Finally, the function to correct or be corrected by native speakers really makes it a living network of people wanting to learn and share their knowledge. All this is fully aligned with Alstom University's learning strategy.

                                                 Eduardo Tapia, Sales & Partnerships Manager


The result

Busuu enabled Alstom to demonstrate their dedication to staff’s personal development, by investing in language learning that would benefit individuals, their teams, and the overall business (both from an employer retention and customer support point of view). Staff members were equally satisfied with an above-average level of learner engagement, and an impressive 1700+ learners to be exact, achieving official certificates for language proficiency.


“Busuu simply made the learning experience much more accessible to many more users. It is easy and fun to use. Who wouldn't want to learn languages like that?”

Eduardo Tapia, Sales & Partnerships Manager


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