The benefits of group language learning

Learning a new language is an incredibly rewarding skill and one that will benefit businesses and enable growth within international markets.

We at Busuu believe that one of the most effective ways of learning that new language is via group language learning with other like-minded learners.

Group lessons can help you make that leap to start speaking the language with confidence, having the opportunity to develop your speaking practice - an essential part of the language learning process.

Developing your language skills alongside other learners who are at the same level will mean you can start to overcome speaking anxiety and start to become a more confident speaker, in your chosen language but also in your mother tongue as well.

This community approach of group language learning fosters a holistic approach that most language development methods don’t do, enabling learners to not only learn to read and write in their chosen language but to speak it as well. With 88% of people wanting to speak the language they’re learning, implementing group language learning for your employees is a fantastic option for your business.

With so many positives to group learning when getting to grips with a new language, here are just a few of the benefits you can expect your employees to gain:


Collaboration is key to successful language learning and through this process, your employees will start to help each other learn together. Employees can help each other to answer questions or to clarify points they may find confusing, thereby benefitting all involved.

In addition to helping each other and collaborating, employees will also be challenging each other within the group setting. It’s known that speakers modify their speech when they’re in a group, which can have the positive effect of those not as adept at public speaking, picking up on the skills of those who are. Allowing the group to encourage each other throughout their learning.

Flexible opportunities

Having your staff partake in group language learning allows for a more tailored experience. Your employees could have lessons that are centred around your company’s industry that include specific vocabulary and jargon to support your team, for example, when making a sale.

This opportunity to really tailor lessons is invaluable to your business, growing your workforce’s confidence and overall skillset.

A tight-knit workforce

By working closer together, your employees will have the chance to develop their relationships with each other. Through sharing tips within classes and being on the same language journey, your employees will not only learn a new language but also how to work together and help each other. This will have a huge impact on future business by workers being more adept at pulling together to solve any issues or difficulties within work projects, thereby being able to problem-solve efficiently and effectively.

A culturally sensitive workforce

Naturally, different cultures will have an effect on individual employees’ values, expectations and beliefs. It’s an essential skill for a global business’s employees to be culturally aware when conducting business within various cultures around the world. If employees can learn how to work within a culturally sensitive workplace, this will assist with their international business deals, making them more aware and equipped for being a part of various projects across the world.

Understanding different people and cultures and learning what’s important to them creates highly empathetic and understanding employees - essential skills for effective international communication.

We believe that group language learning will develop strong and effective language skills within your workforce. With over 120 million users, we’re global leaders in this field.

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