5 ways language learning helps employees feel valued

If you’re looking for a way to help make your employees feel valued, you may want to consider language learning. Doing so can offer a range of benefits that can positively impact both staff members and business performance. Language learning can help to improve communication, allow employees to feel like part of a community and break down cultural barriers.


Language learning for businesses

Language learning is a brilliant way to broaden employees' horizons and make them feel more valued in the workplace. Not only does learning a new skill provide a sense of achievement, but it can also boost employee confidence, making them feel more comfortable in their role. Being bilingual creates more opportunities for your employees, they’ll be able to communicate better with fellow colleagues, clients, suppliers and prospects - improving your business’ reputation and their ability to build relationships.

A valued employee

A happy employee is one that feels valued by their employer. An employee who feels valued is one that is motivated to work hard, enjoy their role and therefore, stay at the company… and who doesn’t want to retain their most talented employees? Keep reading to discover the five ways you can make your employees feel valued with language learning.

Improved communication

Communication is so important in a workplace and finding ways to improve this will add such value to employees. By learning a new language, staff members will find it much simpler to communicate effectively with others, including those overseas. We’ve all encountered those trying moments when a small problem has escalated due to miscommunication. With less of a language barrier, employees are more likely to understand the common phrases and slang of those speaking another language, leaving less room for misunderstandings.

Boosted work performance

With these improved communication skills, employees will feel more comfortable when liaising with colleagues and clients, enabling them to build upon relationships and generally feel more confident as they go about their daily to-do lists. An employee who is confident in their role, comfortable around their work peers and generally happy, is more likely to feel motivated to do well. This positive work ethic will naturally improve efficiencies and therefore, productivity - a combination that successfully boosts overall performance.

Development of a new skill

Helping employees learn a new skill is a great way to make them feel valued in a company. In particular, learning a new language is highly beneficial to both their professional and personal lives. Not only will it help them communicate better within a workplace, but also outside of work, whether that be whilst on holiday, taking in information or understanding different media. It’s a boost of confidence and a huge selling point for future recruiters.

Feeling part of a community

Supporting your employees in learning a new language helps to create a diverse and inclusive culture and community within your company. For example, Busuu offers face to face, one-to-one and group lessons. Having the option to learn together or on a one-to-one basis means your staff can choose the format that suits them, catering for all types of language learners. With employees knowing more languages, teams can become more culturally diverse and everyone will feel included as relationships are reinforced and people can communicate more successfully.

Breaks cultural barriers

Another way that language learning makes employees valued is that cultural barriers are broken down. Language barriers are often an issue for employees and employers, making it more difficult to effectively communicate with others around the globe or in multilingual offices. By helping employees learn another language, communication is strengthened and staff will be able to build stronger business relationships. Cultures are different around the world and this can influence how business is conducted. Language learning will help employees understand how best to approach people in different cultures, adding value to both parties involved.

Not to mention the business benefits of being able to hire the best talent from further afield. Your employees will thrive from meeting and working with the best in the industry, an opportunity they may not have had without the chance to work with colleagues from across the world.

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How to create a language learning community for your business

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