Busuu and L’Oréal Group: The Beauty of Languages

L’Oréal Group is the largest cosmetics group in the world. 


The challenge: long-term user engagement

With the L’Oréal Group operating in 150 countries and employing 88,000 people, they wanted a language learning solution to foster inclusivity and help employees with varied roles stay engaged while learning.

The solution: Busuu

There are three main factors of how Busuu became the solution for the L’Oréal Group and why they now have more than 3,700 employees learning with Busuu's 14 language courses:

World-class user engagement

Busuu’s user-friendly online platform and unique learning methodology delivered the learner engagement L’Oréal needed. Bespoke notifications were designed to encourage employees as they learned, with lesson reminders, revision prompts and helpful feedback to improve their study.

"The fully personalised experience helped us engage learners in starting their development journey, which was the greatest challenge.”

Margo Hardy
Digital Content Manager - People Development & Learning, L'Oréal


Learn anywhere, anytime

L’Oréal needed language learning that could work around its diverse employee roles and schedules. Busuu is designed for flexibility, with self-paced bite-sized lessons which can be completed on and offline.

Clever AI-based revision tools embed new vocabulary and grammar, so learners stay engaged and see clear progression.

"I needed a solution to learn a language that would fit in my busy agenda... I wanted it to not take too long, but be super-efficient.”

Perrine Tetard
Indirect CRM Manager L'Oréal - Learning: German

"Whenever I have 5 minutes, I can use the Busuu app on my phone or the computer. In just four months, my level of French has improved a lot.”

Flora Xu
SAP Business Expert, L’Oréal - Learning: French


Business growth through languages

Busuu’s online corporate language training offered L'Oréal a route to business growth through smooth communication and efficient collaboration.

"The more language proficient we become, the more efficient we become."

François Debois
Global Director for Learning Excellence & Innovation, L'Oréal


The Result: Game-changing language proficiency

Investment in employee language learning increases staff retention and helps integrate employees into new

Busuu’s activation plan kept each L’Oréal learner on track with their study, so App downloads increased and learner proficiency improved, with all learning fully certified to international standards.

"So far, the results are stellar. We are delighted with the results we get from our employees on Busuu.”

François Debois
Global Director for Learning Excellence & Innovation, L'Oréal


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