Busuu's powerful integrated learning experience

Why Busuu is the right partner to grow your business through languages.

Our learning methodology

Our unique, integrated curriculum brings all the skills together in one complete package. Self-study prepares learners for live lessons, making best use of their time so that teacher-led classes can focus on building spoken fluency faster than with traditional study.

Our lessons are designed to be accessible to all learners: from language novice to polyglot. Our teachers are carefully trained to support learners of different ages, styles and cultures. Busuu’s community of native speakers is our most popular feature. Getting supportive feedback from fellow language learners helps to rapidly develop learners’ fluency and boost their confidence and self-efficacy.

We are best in class at learner retention and motivation. Every screen is designed to incentivise learners to continue, from the encouraging way we write tips to features we build. For example, our study plan breaks down learning into manageable chunks which fit each learner’s unique schedule and study preferences. We are committed to carrying out regular, independent research into the quality and effectiveness of our courses.

Benefits of partnering with us

We offer our global community of committed learners the best way to learn a language: the perfect balance of self-paced study and practice with native speakers.

  1. Collaboration and productivity
  2. Employee engagement and development
  3. Talent retention and attraction
  4. Skill upscaling 
  5. Inclusivity and democratised learning
  6. Improved customer experience
  7. Increased sales potential

Our features

Why is learning on Busuu so effective?

Learning on Busuu is proven to rapidly develop spoken fluency faster than traditional face-to-face methods. Our unique methodology means learners can move up a level in as little as 20 hours.


Live lessons

Live lessons with a professional teacher accelerate students' spoken fluency and confidence, enabling them to participate in real-life conversations, make new friends, achieve more at work and access new cultures.


Global community

We have a global community of over 120 million learners from different language backgrounds, providing unlimited opportunities to practise speaking & writing.


Top-tech coursework

Courses and features are designed to sustain engagement long-term, including a personalised study plan to set achievable goals, AI-driven smart technology which builds individual learning pathways and rich media which introduces culture alongside language.

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