How Palladium achieved the five-star guest experience

The story of how a luxury hotel group used language learning to turn guest experiences into repeat customers.

At a glance

  • Industry: Hospitality
  • Scale: 45 hotels across 6 countries
  • Objective: Empower their staff to turn guests into brand “fans’’

Initial results:


The amount of Palladium staff who said learning with Busuu helped them overcome day-to-day challenges.


The average rating Palladium employees awarded their language-learning experience with Busuu.

Beginner to Upper-Intermediate

The range of officially certified levels Palladium employees reached in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

The challenge

“We want our clients to feel at home”

Palladium already knew breaking down language barriers was key to crafting unforgettable guest experiences. The kind that would make their guests feel so at home that, given the choice, they’d never think to stay anywhere else.

But they needed a language-learning solution they could scale; that they could implement globally, with or without decent Wi-Fi; and that would cater to staff with different proficiencies and levels, from housekeeping and maintenance officers to waiters and front-desk clerks.

The solution

“We chose Busuu because we needed an agile, simple language-learning solution for our employees”

After evaluating a number of different language-learning providers, Palladium found Busuu for Business – a solution not only designed to effectively improve their staff’s communication skills, but effortlessly tailored to suit the level of each individual learner.

And between Busuu’s Offline Mode – the feature enabling staff to download lesson content outside of no-go Wi-Fi zones – and easy mobile access, Palladium got the flexibility they were looking for.

The implementation

“Our staff love how easy and flexible Busuu is to use.”

Palladium started using Busuu for Business in 2017 across their branches in Europe and America. Their employees used Busuu to improve their skills in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese – and quickly achieved some noteworthy results.

And past these initial signs of success, Head of E-Learning and Content at Palladium Hotel Group Marta Pereira has got big plans for how Busuu for Business’ language-learning solution will help them realise their company’s goals:

“Busuu will continue to help us fulfill our mission of ‘turning guests into fans’. Not only externally, but also internally, making sure our staff also become big fans of the company for providing them with the opportunity to improve their language-learning skills.”

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