How to choose the right online corporate training program

It comes as no surprise that corporate training programs often fail. In many instances, this is due to poor company culture which does not encourage learning, or it can be due to a lack of incentives for employees. As the global workforce changes and Millennials replace older generations (with Generation Z to come soon), having old school training programs no longer works. Why? On average, people spend over 4 hours a day on the phone, so if we exclude time for sleep that equals 25% of our day. This means that if you want to communicate something to your employees, you should do it via digital tools. Language training programs are not an exception here. So, what are 6 features that any online training program MUST have?

It is customisable

One size does not fit all and this is a rule of thumb when it comes to training programs. You should find a flexible, digital solution that can be personalised and customised to each of your employees’ needs. Rather than passively receiving and reiterating information, learners in 21st century take an active role in their education and contribute to their own learning.

It is accessible on mobile devices

Training programs accessible on mobile devices appear particularly useful for deskless and Millennial employees who prefer mobile learning solutions. It is indeed hard to compete with Angry Birds, Facebook and Candy Crush, but if you can adapt your training to mobile devices, this will help you get attention from your employees. Even 10 minutes of training per day will result in 5 hours of training per month. If employees can access the training program from their phones it will be much easier to achieve this.

It can track progress and generate custom reports

Budget allocation becomes more data-driven and requires tangible results, but it can be very tricky to measure ROI when it comes to learning. Good online training solutions should allow you to track employee success and turn it to numbers that you can then share with your CEO.

It is easy to setup and can scale to many users

You no longer need an IT director and 3 months to implement a training program. Tech companies are disrupting the EdTech market by providing painless and scalable learning solutions for businesses. Here at Busuu, for example, we developed a language learning app that can be implemented within days and immediately rolled out to over 10,000 employees without any need for IT support.

It can be integrated with other systems

Do you have an LMS system or a number of online learning programs? A good online training software should be easily integrated with all other pieces of software that you have in the office. This will give you a better overview of your employees’ training success, which can then be analysed and improved.

It has tools that help reinforce learning

We all know that most employees see training programs as something boring and disengaging. Online training is here to help! Gamification, VR and mobile apps can help you engage with your employees. Today, gamification is a must-have for all corporate training programs as it increases motivation and engagement and therefore employee learning success by over 30%.

People are your most valuable resource and they contribute to the success of your business. Whatever online program you choose for your employees, remember that choosing the right one makes all the difference in their corporate training experience.

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