Busuu and PayFit: Language learning for better employee satisfaction

At a glance:

Industry: HR Payroll Software

Objective: To increase staff fulfilment, create a ‘work from anywhere’ company ethos, and  improve communication across the business. 


  • Increased employee engagement
  • Stronger communication channels company-wide
  • Greater staff fulfilment

The challenge:

PayFit provides a fast, intuitive and automated SaaS solution to help business owners and HR professionals save time and money, allowing them to focus on what matters: their employees. 

This employee-first ethos is something PayFit carries across its own business, as it constantly looks for ways to improve its own employee satisfaction. 

The company has headquarters in Paris, with international offices employing people from across the world. Good communication skills across this truly international workforce is very important. So, it was no surprise when its regular staff satisfaction and fulfilment surveys found that many team members had requested to learn languages, especially English.

PayFit realised that they needed to develop team members’ language skills to improve communication across the organisation. Not only to build relationships between international offices but to foster strong relationships between staff and the company itself

“It is important that our employees understand the company's goals, and the messages we send. For this we need good language skills.”  

Estelle Guiot, PayFit’s Fulfilment & Development Specialist

The solution: Busuu

PayFit was keen to ensure any new language provision would be used by all of its staff, so they conducted a 5-week test with a selection of language learning tools, to see which the team liked best.  

At the end of the pilot, the PayFit teams voted for Busuu, impressed with the varied language and learning methods we offer.  We became their chosen system helping over 93 PayFit staff start or develop language skills, focusing on English, with plans to roll out Spanish, and other European language learning.

Since working with Busuu, language learning has flourished at PayFit, with learners completing self-paced courses via our multi-platform app, and Live Lessons hosted by our team of professional language teachers

Estelle Guiot says, “The Busuu implementation process was super simple, it was an easy journey from an admin point of view, we were able to add new users and live lessons in one click”. 


Measurable results

With Busuu, businesses can see how employee language learning develops, with clear data shared on a unique Management Platform. PayFit found the data on their dashboard easy to understand. They could regularly check who their top performers were, and turn those users into ambassadors for Busuu, encouraging and engaging others with their success. 

The Management Platform tool also highlights inactive users. PayFit was able to find out if these employees were experiencing issues or if they didn’t have time within their schedule to complete the lessons. Inactive users who were not keen to continue could have their profile reassigned to someone else, so each licence was fully utilised. PayFit is looking forward to easier communication with all employees thanks to Busuu, with staff that feel included, and more fulfilled, ready to make international moves within the business

The company’s Spanish office will be the next to start their language learning journey with Busuu, in February 2023.

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