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Busuu is a language course provider that offers Live Lessons, self-paced study and community interaction, all hosted on an engaging online platform powered by AI to give learners vital new language skills that add real value to an organisation. These courses are taught by friendly and professional tutors, helping students connect with native speakers and broaden their horizons. Language is extremely important in all businesses, it is how we communicate, connect and share thoughts and ideas. Language learning is also essential for improving inclusivity in the workplace. Inclusivity is about making sure all employees - of different backgrounds, ethnicities, ages, gender, etc. are feeling heard and valued in the organisation. A big part of that is recognising and promoting different cultures and languages, and Busuu can help you with that.

How Busuu promotes inclusivity in the workplace

Busuu is the ideal provider for promoting inclusivity in the workplace. The leading language provider offers various accessible and flexible language courses that are taught by helpful and friendly tutors in 1-1 or group sessions. With a trusted global community of more than 120 million learners.

Diversity and inclusion programs are now more important than ever in a modern-day workplace, and language learning can help promote these. Most companies are becoming increasingly multicultural, multi-ethnic and multilingual. So for these businesses to thrive, and be able to communicate effectively, there is one thing that they need to have in common: language. Learning a foreign language also helps raise cultural awareness across the organisation, promotes positive brand values, improves employees’ work skills and improves listening skills. 

Busuu allows students to learn up to 14 languages including English, Japanese, Polish and Italian. This helps to open up new opportunities for employees, breaks down cultural and communication barriers, improves working relationships and emphasises that your business embraces diversity.

Businesses are grown through languages and Busuu offers a trusted methodology for effective and sustainable company language learning with Busuu for Business. Their online corporate training drives growth and results for a range of businesses. Busuu for Business also offers a Management Platform for organisations to be able to monitor and measure the progress of their employees and offer tailored content, depending on its needs. Through Busuu, employees also have access to a global community, receiving feedback and gaining access to online teachers 24/7, making the platform accessible to all no matter where they are.

With the platform's award-winning courses, AI is used to tailor the learning path of each individual, helping to quickly drive outcomes. Whether you want to boost your employees' language skills, or are simply offering the courses as an added perk, Busuu may be the answer you've been looking for. 

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