Language training made with you (and your people) in mind

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For you, the leader

Have your organisation’s vision realised with Busuu’s user-friendly management platform, guidance and expertise:

Track progress & prove value

Monitor learner performance with the management platform's engagement dashboard. 

Then, export reports with the key learning metrics you'll need to align your efforts with wider objectives.

Identify top performers

Delve into the ‘People tab’ to find the high fliers who’re making big strides in their learning.

Put your insights to good use by nominating super-users, who have time dedicated to empowering potentials and rewarding your best.

Get support & customisable add-ons

Take full advantage of frequent check-ins with our team as you improve and scale your training efforts. 

If you’re looking for more, just try us. Whether you want personalised course content or custom integrations with existing programs, there’s no end to what our experts and engineers can do.

For your learners

Give your people the corporate language training they need to succeed:

Study fast and effectively

Get your learners flying from one proficiency level to the next with our adaptive technology, which helps them overcome their weak points.

Then we’ll structure and fast-track their progress with a Study Plan, by sending them automated alerts depending their studying preferences.

Learn anytime, anywhere

Ensure the opportunity to learn is only a few clicks away, with 24/7 access to lesson content.

Even if they have no Wi-Fi? It’s no problem: get your people learning on the go with offline mode.

Get official certification

Recognise learning milestones with McGraw Hill certificates that carry real meaning. 

Not only inside your organisation, but out in the wider world.

Trusted by hundreds of organisations

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