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Over 500 global organisations trust Busuu with their language training

Online corporate language training
that drives results

We offer award-winning courses for 12 different languages, used by over 100 million users, combined with flexible one-to-one online tutoring. We can tailor the content to your individual business needs, and you can measure your return on investment with our Management Platform.


12 languages

Courses in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Arabic. Available from absolute beginner to advanced levels.


Smart lessons

Thousands of lessons created by expert linguists, enhanced with machine learning technology such as speech recognition and a personalised Study Plan.


Online tutoring

Access to over 10,000 professional tutors via video lessons, available 24/7 across all time zones. Lesson content can be fully customised to your learning objectives.

Trusted by our global community of over 100 million learners

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World class user engagement + smart learning content

= Grow your business through language

Use cases

Your goals. Our solutions.


Operate more efficiently as a global organisation

Engage everyone in the organisation, break through silos, become a globally-connected team.


Improve customer experience by speaking their language

Speak the language of your customer, create memorable experiences and drive sales.

User Plus

Increase employee retention by investing in their success

Invest in the language skills of your staff, make them successful in their jobs and increase retention.

Busuu works

22 hours on Busuu is equivalent to 1 university semester

Study conducted by the City University of New York

82% of users said the app really helped them learn a language

Research from The Open University


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